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Most of the Graphic Design Institutes in Nepal are unable to impart the sound theoretical and conceptual understanding that’s required to be a professional graphic designer. We are one of the leading Professional IT Training institute in Nepal which understands the importance of a sound conceptual knowledge and also of the necessary skills required to be a professional graphic designer. Graphic Design is an important characteristic of Communication Design.

Professional Graphic Design Training can help a student to find a good job in Graphic Designer
Course Objectives

After successful completion of this course, the trainees will be able to:

Design documents containing text and Graphics using frames
Format using Styles
Utilize colors, swatches, and gradients
Properly Manage missing fonts and linked files
Properly use tables
Create Acrobat PDF files and prepare for printing
Workflow Automation with Master pages
InDesign Layout

The InDesign Workspace
Using shortcuts
Your workspace customization
Fixing preferences – rulers, guides, layers
Document design

Develop Master Pages
Altering Layout
Manage Text and Graphic Placement
Create the Structure of a Document
Develop Layers
Creating Basic Drawn Elements

The Selection and Direct Selection Tool
The Tool & Color Palettes
Grids, rulers and guides
Working with Text

Add/Edit & Spell Check
Threading , Wrapping and Importing Text
Applying and Editing Styles to text
Change Text Threads
Deal with missing fonts
Hyphenation and justification
The Eyedropper tool
Drop caps creation
Editing, Applying and Managing Paragraph Styles
Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
Proper Numbering of paragraphs
Place Text on a path
Flow text through multiple frames
‘Placeholder’ frames creation
CS5 text options
Using the ‘tab’ command
The Glyphs window
Working with Objects

Aligning, Arranging and Distributing
The ‘place’ command
Images and frames resizing
Using ‘text wrap’
Managing object layers
Rotating objects
Creating special effects
Shape and corner options>
Transforming Objects
Group & Ungroup
Duplicating, Rotating, Scaling, Skewing, Mirroring
Managing Transparency
The ‘Swatches’ window

Settings for ‘fill’ and ‘stroke’
Adding and converting Pantone colors
Create, use and edit solid colors and gradients

Threading/unthreading frames
Flowing text through frames and Multi-column text frames
Using special characters
Hanging punctuation
Composition options
Document baseline grids


Common Graphic file formats
Import & Enhance Graphics Files
Simple, compound & custom Image Frames
Fitting options
Inline graphics
Creating Text Run-arounds
Tolerance and threshold options
Clipping Paths, Alpha channels


Inner Shadow
Gradient Feather
Bevel and Emboss
Inner and Outer Glow
Tabs and Tables

Create, Modify and Format a Table
The ’Pages’ window

Using multiple master pages
Adding and deleting pages
Working with master pages
Automatic page numbering
Creating new numbering sections
Managing multiple documents

The ‘book’ option
Templates and libraries
Importing swatches
Using Adobe Bridge
Printing & Export

Checking documents for problems
Package Files
PostScript, preflighting and Packaging
Preview Output & options
Print, Separation, Flattening
Creating high and low resoultion Adobe Acrobat PDF Files
Creating a low-res PDF for the web

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Online Job In Nepal


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