Things Guys (and Most Women) HATE About Girls

Things Guys (and Most Women) HATE About Girls
Things Guys (and Most Women) HATE About Girls

Unfortunately, a lot of woman suffer with low self esteem issues. Nit picking at every single detail about them.. My hair’s not long enough, my thighs touch, my skin is too pale, my something isn’t whatever enough… So what happens? They seek the internet for help. They cut, primp, contour, highlight, inject, and cover their bodies all up to look like the perfect media approved Barbie. Yay! Now they’re beautiful! Now everyone will like them right? Well think again. Here are eight things guys (and most woman) HATE about girls.

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8. Excessive Nail Art.

Apparently, having your nails painted a pretty color is no longer enough. They need to be a foot long with unicorn sparkle barf all over them. And if you really want to confuse a guy, try to describe to them the ‘accent nail’.

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Again, there is a happy medium for everything; maybe a nice french tip, some sparkle, or simple flower design can never go wrong, but acrylic nails that fan out (duck nails) and these crazy add on nail decorations are seriously scaring everyone away.

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If this is you, you NEED to know that THIS IS NOT OKAY. How do you even preform any normal day task? and why.. WHY do you spend so much money on them?! “But they’re pretty and I’m expressing myself.” No they’re not. And what do you think they say about you? ..That you’re a crazy lady.

7. Scary ‘Perfect’ Eyebrows. 

We’re not saying bad drawn on with a sharpie eyebrows. That’s obvi. (and if you’re still doing that.. Stop that.) But this “flawless” eyebrow trend has been going a little overboard. Yes they look cool on Instagram and any girl with just a hint of insecurities are going completely envious, but seriously! Have you ever seen these in real life?? They look really weird and creepy. Plus anyone with these eyebrows, people are automatically going to think they are crazy.

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Have you ever heard a girl cry: ” Oh my God you wiped off my eyebrow!!”  No normal human being has these questionably square shapes drawn above their eyes. Please girls, PLEASE just do a quick Pinterest search on how to pluck and fill in your brows the right way, put away the markers/airbrush whatever and find that happy medium.

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*It’s more like Satan had something to do with that… And the eyebrows in the ‘before’ picture are so much better!! Just brush them a bit so the hairs are going in the right direction and Voila! Beautiful!

6. Fake tans. 

Donald Trump should become the newest color name, he probably wouldn’t mind… His skin color (or Snooki’s, but she’s so 2010) is just so unnatural and upsetting you can’t help but question his antics.

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But anyways, this is about the ladies… LADIES!! If you’re rocking the Donald Trump skin it seriously looks as if you rolled around in Cheeto powder and you’re scaring the general public. If you want to get that nice glow effect, a few sessions at the tanning salon is totally normal, and just avoid spray tanning all together. (and when we say few sesions, we DON’T mean every other day.) Always carry an extra orange in your bag, when it disappears when it’s over your skin, you’ve gone TOO far!

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5. Fake lips.

I can’t fully grasp how anyone thinks this looks okay.. And why aren’t the doctors doing this to these women stop when they start to look like balloons?

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You know what? Just keep doing your thing girl. It’ll make it easier for the rest of the world to spot out and avoid you all together..

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4. HUGE fake tits. 

Girls.. you have to stop thinking that more is better.. Once you cross that line there is no coming back from crazy town… or crazy back pain town for that matter… Fake boobies in general already have half of the world going “mehh” but when it looks like you literally have two 9-month-old-pregnant-bellies on your chest… you’ve gone too far. You’re asking for the wrong attention, it’s not cute, and it’s definitely not sexy.

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Try to discover a new hobby, or donate your time to helping out the community or something goody like that instead.. You know, because it’s what on the inside that really matters. If you’re depressed or upset about your body image and think that deforming your body like these pictures will help your self image, you may need to seek professional help…like the kind of professional help where you’re locked in an observational room and the worlds top doctors monitor and discus your every move.

3. Caked on Makeup

Fake lashes, eye liner, eye shadow, lip pumper, lipstick, bronzer, highlighting, contouring, GASP oh, my, God. Girl give your face a chance to breathe! Do you leave foundation marks on your clothes and pillowcase? Well you may need to rethink your makeup game.  Believe it or not guys prefer the natural look. Just a bit of mascara/eyeliner and a necessary amount of foundation to cover any blemishes if needed is really all anybody needs.

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Creating these fake highlights and shadows that totally alter your face will have guys running as far away as they can when they wake the next morning and see a perfect face print on their pillow case, and a girl that looks nothing like the girl they went home with. All the makeup in the world won’t make you less insecure, so leave the access clown makeup for the Kardashians and the Drag Queens. Believe that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL under there! Please girls.. I don’t know what it’s going to take for this to get through your thick layer of makeup.

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2.”The Vegas walk”

Little PP describes it perfectly in this here music video, but unfortunately the Vegas walk can be seen anywhere where there’s a late night girls night special.

How does someone do the Vegas walk you ask? 

1.) Constantly pull down your shirt of a dress that’s barely covering your floppy cheeks. 

2.) Wear extremely tall, uncomfortable heels that make you wobble around like a newborn giraffe. 

3.) Drink so much you can’t control yourself 

4.) About one to two hours into the event ditch those shoes and go barefoot the rest of the night. 

5.) Pretty much just look trashy, and fake as sh*t.

1. Hair Extensions.

Long thick hair is so luscious, right? Well maybe if it were all natural.. But most of these woman with hair down to their butts is probably not real. Nothing is more embarrassing than a bad hair extention mishap.. Either one falls out when you’re not expecting it, like JLo’s at the Mohegan Sun Concert ↑, or a guy who attempts to run his fingers through your hair and gets his fingers stuck on one of the many clips in your head.

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Girls the best thing you can do is find your beauty within! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, get weird! get silly! Find the confidence to not hide who you really are under all this fake sh*it listed above.

Source: Taboo News


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