Adobe Photoshop Training In Nepal

Adobe Photoshop Training In Nepal
Adobe Photoshop Training In Nepal

Photoshop is a powerful image editing  tool that help you to create and edit high-quality graphics,photos, videos and much more.This course will be focused on the manipulation of digital images through editing and image creation. You will learn how to create a new image, crop, transform, paint, enhance, retouch, resize and add artistic feel. Selection methods and working with layers being a part of Photoshop will also be dealt with in this course.


The aspiring graphic designers interested to use Photoshop for manipulating images and those interested to understand basics with a view to using it with other applications like InDesign.

Note: This package also include free Online Jobs Training Course

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

Effectively Use tools/palettes and understand the terminology
Image Selection using a variety of ways and Crop and Transform them
Resize images, modify resolution, repair and retouch photos
Properly understand and work with Layers, Masks and Channels
Optimize graphics for printing and use with the web

Photoshop Essentials

The Photoshop Screen
Getting to know the Tools & Palettes
Utilizing guides, grids and rulers
Zoom shortcuts and convenient navigation

Why use Selections?
Creating selections using Marquee tools
The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tool
The Lasso tools
Adding or Deleting from selections
Saving and Loading selections
Tonal Values Control
Toned and Tinted Images creation
Selecting by color range
Feathering selections
Quick Mask mode
Image Correction

Properly Using the Histogram palette
Fixing color with variations
Using Levels and Curves to fix tone & contrast
Color balance and variations
Hue and saturation controls
The Vibrance command
Re-Touching Techniques

Custom colors
Dodge and burn tools
Crop and rotate artwork
Sharpen and Blur filters
Focus tools
The Clone & Heal tools
The Healing Brush tools
The Color Replace tool
Red eye reduction
Digital darkroom techniques
Gradients creation and editing
Filters, Painting and Drawing

Using Plug-ins and filters
Using the Unsharp Mask
Cloning Images
Using the Burn/Dodge/Sponge Tools
Print and web safe colors
Mixing and applying paint and fill colors
Using the Paint Bucket tool
Using the Airbrush, Pencil, Paintbrush and Eyedropper tools
Drawing shapes
Creating vector shape layers
Polygon, line and custom shape tools
Adding, subtracting, intersecting commands
Editing vector shapes using the pen tools
Adding color fills, patterns and gradients
Working with Layers

Multiple Layers creation and viewing
Moving, scaling and rotating layers
Linking & aligning Layers
Merging, Flattening and Saving Layers
Locking and protecting layers
Layer groups
Applying and editing type
Converting shape and text layers
Saving and flattening layered files
Merging layers

Applying transparency
Fundamental modes of layer blending
Text and adjustment layers
Special effects
Drop shadows, glows and embossing
Layer masks
Operating with Text

Fresh Features
Text Layer Creation
Text Paragraphs
Adding Text Effects,
Painting Text
Anti-aliasing Text
Special Effects

Photoshop filters utilization
Working with the Filter Gallery
Fading the effects of filters
Files Saving

File formats
Right color mode selection
Adjusting resolution and image size
Canvas cropping and enlargement
Printing and Optimizing Documents
Color modes, resolution & image size
Printing from Photoshop and other Applications
The Save for web command
Developing Transparent GIF files


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