Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor
Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor
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Technicians are skilled workers that work with complex systems or perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests. Depending on the field, technicians maywork independently or under the direction of a professional. Technicians can workindoors or might spend most of their time outside. We are hiring Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor.

Description Of Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor

  • Thorough understanding of the computer/network concepts and terms
  • Experience troubleshooting PCs and Laptops, with an ability to troubleshoot IT issues quickly and efficiently
  • Should be able to maintain the computer network and all the networking devices
  • Knowledge of Windows operating systems, computer and peripheral hardware and software
  • NAS File Server Maintenance
  • Possess idea of network cabling
  • Should have knowledge about internet setup
  • Math Skills: The ability to count, add quickly and understand fractions, measurements and math problems.
  • Communication Skills: Technicians will speak with customers and their supervisors, so the ability to understand instructions and communicate effectively will benefit you greatly.
  • Recordkeeping: When dealing with controlled substances, dangerous chemicals, or working solo in the field, you will need to document your actions and whereabouts.
  • Attention to Detail: You must be able to pay attention to the minute details of your job, whether that is diagnostic testing, working on complex systems or recording a patient’s symptoms.
  • Technical Skills: You will be called upon to understand and operate complex machinery and systems.
  • Manual Dexterity: You will need to use your hands with precision on small items and/or small in small spaces. You must be quick and confident with your hands.
  • Stamina: Technicians are often on their feet for many hours, or called upon to lift heavy items. You will need physical stamina to do this job.

Behavioral Skills:

  • Willingness to work flexible shifts and schedule including weekends
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Comfortable communicating in person and via phone/email with peers, managers, and vendors
  • Ability to prioritize work based on department and production objectives
  • Attention to detail

Requirement Of Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor

  • Oversee the hardware  needs for the organization
  • Troubleshoot and maintain the computers systems and the overall network within the office
  • Identify and evaluate technology risks to maintain the highest level of security for our company
  • Manage all back-up procedures and systems to ensure our data is protected and can be restored
  • Maintain the computer system documentation
  • Provide technical support to staff, including installation of the software

Detail Of Technician Jobs In New Baneshwor

Industry: IT&Telecommunication
Education : Intermediate or above
Total Positions: 6
Job Location: New-Baneshwor
Career Level: Mid Level
Minimum Experience: Experienced preferred in related field


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